3.84TB 6Gb SAS Enterprise Capacity G3HS MLC SSD

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Enterprise Capacity solid-state drives (SSDs) from Lenovo provide high-performance, reliable storage solutions for high-capacity enterprise applications. This new drive type supports highly demanding write workloads and uses a cost-effective 6 Gbps SAS interface and MLC NAND technology. Designed for dense storage, this drive features all of the capacity and performance that is needed to replace large numbers of 15K rpm and 10K rpm spinning disks, and consolidate storage into tightly packed server configurations.


The Enterprise Capacity SSD is designed to be the primary storage device for read-intensive applications, such as data warehousing, media streaming, web servers, video on demand (VOD), and web-based applications. Users also have the flexibility to use this drive for more write intensive applications because the drive can handle an average daily write workload of nearly 2 TB, which is the equivalent of a 200 GB SSD rated to 10 drive writes per day (DWPD).


The key feature of the Enterprise Capacity drives is storage capacity. With the equivalent capacity of 13x 300 GB 15K rpm SAS drives, the 3.84 TB 6 Gb SAS Enterprise Capacity G3HS MLC SSD uses 93% less power, generates less heat, and can provide up to twice the write performance and up to 11 times the read performance of the 15K spinning drives it replaces.


With large configurations, the new 2.5-inch SSD eliminates the need for external JBOD connections, which saves rack space. With applications that can maintain the availability of data, a densely configured server reduces the need to install a new SAN or the need to expand a SAN by installing the storage in the servers. As SSD capacities increase, NAND costs reduce, and 15,000 SAS HDDs continue to encounter technology limitations, the economics of deploying large-scale SSD configurations continue to improve.


The Enterprise Capacity also includes the following features:

Industry-standard 2.5-inch form factor supports 2.5-inch hot-swap drive bays on selected System x and Flex System servers

Uses industry-leading 19 nm eMLC NAND technology

Cost-effective eMLC 6 Gbps SAS drive with read and write performance fulfills client needs in the enterprise space

Achieves endurance values of 3.5 PB total bytes written (TBW)

Saves energy, with as little as 7 watt power consumption per drive

Eliminates moving parts to reduce potential failure points in the server

Supports S.M.A.R.T.

FlashGuard technology extends the native endurance of commercial-grade MLC flash: Aggregated Flash Management, Advanced Signal Processing, Enhanced Error Correction

DataGuard technology protects against data corruption and loss: Full data path protection and Flexible Redundant Array of Memory Elements (F.R.A.M.E.) data recovery algorithm

EverGuard technology protects data if there is an unplanned power outages by using a third-generation backup power circuit design and high reliability discrete capacitors

Static wear leveling evenly distributes data across the drive

Bad block management replaces failed blocks with new ones from the spare pool

Thermal throttling extends the life of the drive

Data retention management ensures the availability and integrity of stored data

Minimal write amplification facilitates efficient flash usage and extended lifetime