Aten KVM Cable SPHD15M - PS2M, PS2M, HD15M 3m

Product Number: 1989409

Part Code: 2L-5203P

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PC Connector: HDB & PS/2
Console Connector:3 in 1 SPHD(Keyboard/Mouse/Video)
Length:3m (Slim)
compatible with :
CS72E, CS74E, ACS1208A, ACS1216A, CE250A, CS1308, CS1316, CE252, CS231, CS1708A, CS1716A, CL5708, CL5716, CL1000, CL5800, CL1008, CL1016, CN8000, KH0116, KL3116, KL9108, KL9116, KL1100, CS1708i, CS1716i, CL5808, CL5816, CL3000, CL1000N