Belkin Pro Series 6-Way Surge Protector w/F-Type, AV + $150K (2m Cord) (BV106020AU2M)

Product Number: 621326

Part Code: BV106020AU2M

Availability: 26-10-17



Ultimate Series 6-Way Surge Protector w/F-Type, TEL & RJ45 + $150K (2m Cord) The Belkin Pro 2000 Series AV Power Protector is as smart as it is powerful. It sets itself apart from the competition with an innovative "thinking" circuit that can identify and react to four different power disturbances that can be as damaging as surges and spikes. With 2142 joules of surge protection muscle and power filtration that is up to 1000 times more effective than standard filtration, this deceptively sleek unit provides comprehensive protection and maximum sound and picture enhancements for the ultimate home theatre system.
  • Dataline Protection: Phone
  • Number of Receptacles: 6