Aver 12 bay 14'' devices charger (Cabinet Type) Surface Pro HP EliteBook x360 Lenovo L12i

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aVer 12 bay 14'' devices charger (Cabinet Type) L12i


Aver 12 bay 14'' devices charger (Cabinet Type) Surface Pro HP EliteBook x360 Lenovo  L12i

Compact and flexible, the L12i is a smart charging solution for schools deploying large-scale mobile devices. Charge, store and manage up to 12 iPads, tablets, laptops and Chromebooks at once. The daisy-chain feature and intelligent charging system allow you to boost your charging capacity up to 24 devices simply by linking one cabinet to another, charging all devices through a single outlet without worry of circuit overload. And the L12i can easily stack on top of each other, saving space and reducing clutter. The L12i also features clever cable management system, making it a perfect solution to manage your ICT investment hassle-free.

Compact & stackable

The compact size and the ability to stack on top of each other add more classroom space and reduce clutter.

Daisy-chain feature

The L12i can be daisy chained up to 2 charging cabinets. The expandable feature allows you to easily boost charging capacity to 24 mobile devices and laptops, and with intelligent charging system you can safely charge all of your devices through a single outlet without overloading circuit.

Ample storage slots

The L12i’s ample storage slots can fit a variety of mobile devices and laptops on the market. Power adapters can be stored in individual compartments while the repositionable cable clips keep power cables neat and organized.

Protect your devices

Secure your valuable devices against theft and vandalism with L12i’s sturdy steel frame and a three-point locking mechanism on the front double door. And the foam protected dividers add an extra layer of protection to your devices.

Round & sound

The seams are smoothed to a round finish and covered in protective, eco-friendly plastic, leaving no exposed corners or sharp edges. The dependable L12i ensures a safe 

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