2/4 Port Ethernet Expansion Card (CFFh) for Lenovo BladeCenter

Product Number: 941143

Part Code: 44W4479

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The Lenovo 2/4 Port Ethernet Expansion Card (CFFh) for Lenovo BladeCenter is the perfect example of Lenovo's goal to meet user requirements in the BladeCenter environment. In addition to the two onboard Ethernet ports, this card allows the client to add up to four (in Lenovo BladeCenter H chassis) or two (in BladeCenter S) extra 1 Gb ports, thereby allowing them to take advantage of the benefits of 6 or 4 ports per blade respectively.


The expansion card has the following features and benefits:

CFFh form factor; Can be combined with a CFFv or CIOv expansion card in the same server

Based on the Broadcom 5709 module

PCI Express x4 host interface for high-speed connection

Connectivity to either standard or high-speed I/O modules bays (depends on chassis)

Multiple connections from the blade server to the external network

Ability to function as a 2-port Ethernet NIC in BC S chassis or a 4-port Ethernet NIC in a BC H chassis

Supports BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM)


Performance features:

Supports TCP offload engine (TOE)

TCP, IP checksum offload

TCP segmentation offload

PXE 2.0 remote boot support