25Kg+ Freight Rate-Lenovo RT1.5kVA 2U Rack or Tower UPS (200-240VAC)

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The RT1.5kVA, RT2.2kVA, and RT3kVA 2U Rack or Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offerings provide extended power protection with increased efficiency and simplified power management to safeguard the high-availability of System x® and ThinkServer® server environments. With efficiency ratings of up to 99%, these compact 2U rack or tower designs can help reduce energy usage without compromising performance or reliability.
The 2U Rack or Tower UPS units can be installed in a data center rack cabinet or can be used as tower UPS units in office and distributed IT environments where extended power protection is required.
The RT1.5kVA, RT2.2kVA and RT3kVA 2U Rack or Tower UPS models offer the following features:
High-efficiency protection for more real power (Watts) in a compact tower or 2U rack design, which lowers power and cooling consumption
A graphical Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that provides intuitive configuration, management, and monitoring capabilities in the different languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian to reduce management complexity
Hot-swappable batteries for maximum uptime, availability, and ease of maintenance
Standard UPS Power Manager software that provides effective local or remote power monitoring and management for servers and virtual machines, and allows for graceful remote system shutdown
ABM technology that significantly extends battery service life and optimizes recharge time
Load segments for individual control of receptacle groups to manage sequential shut downs and start ups and reserve battery run time for the most critical equipment
Optional external battery modules (EBMs) that provide extra run time to critical systems during a prolonged power outage
An optional NMC for enhanced UPS monitoring and control over-the-network through a standard web browser
An optional EMP for thermal management requirements (temperature and humidity)
Dual channel communication through the USB or RS-232 port and an optional NMC at the same time to maximize communications flexibility
Remote flash upgradeable firmware for the UPS and NMC, which makes it an ideal solution for remote locations
An ROO/RPO port to control power of the UPS unit through a wired remote switch